Allaudin Commodities - Online Trading Platform

This portfolio project is online trading platform with rich functionality. The customer addressed EffectiveSoft with the request to develop a trading platform from scratch that would eventually provide powerful capabilities for target audience to execute reliable trades and acquire market information on the move at any time.

Project Background

EffectiveSoft developed online trading platform which works with various stock markets. EffectiveSoft dedicated team led the planning, design, and development processes. All the project stages were thoroughly controlled by QA members to ensure that the product meets specified requirements and adheres to software standards.

Solutions Highlights

  • An option to participate in bidding on the stock exchanges using a wide set of tools
  • An option to display and analyze trends, calculating the different indicators and presenting them in graphical form
  • A possibility to generate reports
  • An option to automate trading. All transactions on the stock exchange are created and closed automatically accordingly to prescribed conditions.

Customer Advantages

  • An ability to work with difference stocks using one terminal
  • Automated trading feature. Most of trading terminals doesn't allow user to use automated trading. Our system allows trading strategies to be executed on order in contrast to other systems allowing it to be executed in terminal. As result strategy has small delay between price change and reaction
  • Powerful trading UI and analysis tools
  • Library of historical data which can be used to test automated strategies
  • An ability to define new strategies and validate them against historical and real-time data

Project Utilizes

Total project development time 10 000 man*hours
Lines of code 200 000
Tools Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, C#
Technologies .Net 3.5, web-services, html, css, IIS, SSL, multithreading, MS SQL, FIX